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Psychic and Prophetic Dreams 
As children, we were conditioned to relegate dreams to the "just a dream" file. Most often kids are told this because it may help to alleviate the fears of nightmares and bad dreams. Read

Past Lives and Our Current Relationship to Food
Is our relationship to food built entirely from nurture and genetics?  Is there a spiritual or past life connection to how we view our food, how we consume it and our fears behind it? Read

What is a Spirit Reading?
Have you ever wondered if spirits journey with you in this life? Do you have times when you don't feel alone, when there seems to be a presence around you, a familiar energy? Read 


"Everything happens for you, not to you" 
                                                      - Byron Katie

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Love, Money, Soulmates, Past Lives, and Spiritual Growth

You were drawn to me because I can help you. With a reputation for honesty and integrity, I tell you the truth.  I guide you with compassion, while giving you the clearest possible picture of your future path. With a reputation for "telling it like it is", I have an exceptionally high accuracy rate. I am a psychic, healer, energy worker, teacher and multi-published author.

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