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What is a Spirit Reading?

Have you ever wondered if spirits journey with you in this life? Do you have times when you don't feel alone, when there seems to be a presence around you, a familiar energy?  A time when you felt "nudged" into a decision or guided to a particular thing or occurrence?

Our spirit guides are entities who have, as their current path, chosen to accompany you.  They may have interacted with you in this lifetime, a past lifetime or on another level.  They are as much a part of your current experience as anything else that exists, but doesn't "show".  It doesn't require your belief.  Spirit guides are very real.

Many people communicate with their guides.  For those who can't, Spirit readings like those I offer will give you the chance to know why your guides or angels are with you and what they show about your future path. 

Spirit medium readings serve as a way to understand that you are not alone, that you have energy available and the wisdom and compassion of the personal spirit guides who travel with you.

As a psychic medium and spirit empath, I can put you in touch with your guides, help you to understand what they see in store for you and aid them in guiding you on the best path you can walk.

You might be wondering how anyone can do a reading over a long distance.  Energy isn't static and doesn't remain in one place.  We all are energy-based, just as the spirits and guides we interact with.  Energy can be read and empathically felt from any distance.  The true beauty of the unseen world.  Energy is readable by psychic mediums with gifts of clairvoyance (clear sight), clairaudience (clear hearing) and clairsentience (clear feeling).  That energy is tapped into, interpreted and relayed to you through a reading style unique to each psychic medium empath. 

To get the best reading possible, you should use your own intuition about which psychic you choose for it. Just as with other things in our lives, you will know the right one.  You'll feel comfortable.  Spirit readings are a helpful tool to know who might be guiding you at this point in your life.  


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what is a spirit reading


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